Program Teacher-Student. Dance hand in hand with your trainer!

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Teacher-Student category
The teacher-student category is very popular in countries such as the USA, China or Russia. Teacher – Student is a combination of a professional (Teacher) and an amateur (student) dance couple. As an amateur taking private lessons and dancing with a professional partner, you learn to dance and compete with a seasoned professional whose skills and knowledge directly contribute to your success. In addition to being a partner, yourprofessional instructor is your coach and support during lessons and competitions. This form of education is a perfect solution for couples struggling with one of the main problems in the form of matching the right partner in terms of height, age of availability or consistency regarding common priorities.
One of the great things about dance is that it really is dedicated to all ages and all skill levels. The Pro-Am and Teacher – Student systems enable such learning at any time.

We offer two types of education:

  • Only private lessons, i.e. learning consists only of an individual approach between the trainer and the student
  • Combining dance lessons in a group and individually. Combining dance lessons in a group and individually. This type of teaching consists in participating in group classes (every Monday from 19:30 or Tuesday from 19:00 “the choice of the group is made by the student’s trainer”) and training with individual lessons with the leading trainer.